Troubled Teens


Are you worried about your Teen?

Is your teen:

  • Deeply unhappy and avoiding school
  • Often alone and doesn’t seem to have friends
  • Saying things like ‘the world would be better off without me’
  • Hiding their arms and legs even in the mid-summer heat
  • Hates their body, says they’re fat and wants to eat alone


Trust your Instincts

If you feel something’s wrong, then it’s time to seek help.

The teenage years can leave parents feeling shut-out and lost, not knowing if it’s ‘just a phase’ or if there’s something deeper going on.

When you look back on your own teens it’s easy to think you’re over reacting, but today’s teenagers face a completely different set of challenges. Which is why you need a different set of tools to reach them.

The Tools that Help Parents Connect with their Teens

If you have a troubled teen, Family Freedom Coaching can help.

The Family Freedom Protocol helps parents get back in touch with their teens. The process finds the root cause of your child’s distress and clears away negative emotions, destructive self-talk and anger.

After a series of sessions your teen will be equipped with a new set of tools to communicate their needs, connect with the family and handle any bumps that come their way. This leaves the whole family feeling more harmonious and connected.

Where to Begin?

It’s okay to reach out, seek help and discuss your worries before bringing your child along. I offer a free discovery session to help you sure this is a good fit for you and your family.

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