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“I went to see Rebecca on several occasions for different reasons: sugar, wheat and alcohol intolerance were just a few of them. But when I got pregnant (at 41 years of age) and my blood test showed the very real possibility of Downs Syndrome, I was quite in shock. I went to see her and asked if something could be done, and she did! She worked with NAET on my hormones and just sent some healing energy as she was working along. I felt very safe and protected and was feeling the energy running through me. It was a long 3 weeks wait until I could get my next test results, but when finally the tests came back negative I knew Rebecca worked some magic. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby. Thank you so much!”

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Rebecca Privilege

Rebecca Privilege

I help to restore your divine birthright so you can be healthy happy and whole. I do this using my intuitive healing gifts combined with hypnotherapy, counselling and family freedom coaching.

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