Kylie D, Rossmoyne

“I had suffered with fatigue for many years, getting so low Western Medicine Practitioners had diagnosed it as ‘chronic fatigue’. I had been to many natural therapists, taking supplements for many months and to have little result. This is when ITA was recommended by a complete stranger and Rebecca entered my life. To sum up Rebecca, she is the ‘complete package’. Having so many natural healing therapies she is able to perform, means she is able to be in tune with your body and know which will be beneficial at a particular time in your treatment as well as her compassion, kindness and gentle nature work well together. Rebecca used ITA and NAET with me and I definitely wouldn’t feel as good as I do today without her. Rebecca helped me become so receptive to my body that I feel shifts happening and know when my body is in need of a ‘tune-up’. Two of my sons had treatment for allergies with NAET and the result has been very successful. With one son picking up reasons his body was distressed because of her ability and wealth of many natural healing therapies, has resulted in him being less anxious and able to sleep soundly. Rebecca is one of a kind and my angel.”

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Rebecca Privilege

Rebecca Privilege

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