“I had been suffering from colon inflammation and constant diarrhoea for 9 years. I have done medical check-ups for these symptoms and I have got medicines but they helped for a while then I got those symptoms back. I went to Rebecca for help and honestly I was sceptical about the effectiveness of this treatment but I gave it a go.

“The first thing I noticed about Rebecca is her comprehensive knowledge about her work. I asked her many questions about the NAET technique and other techniques, and she gave me deep answers. She did allergy testing for me and found that I was allergic to about 10 types of food and she helped me eliminate these allergies using the NAET technique. After 25 hours, I ate all the types of food that I used to be allergic to and I was surprised because I’m not allergic to those foods anymore and I have not had any colon inflammation or diarrhoea since I had the session with Rebecca. Thank you Rebecca so much, you are the best in WA “according to me.”

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Rebecca Privilege

Rebecca Privilege

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