"My hubby and kids had been at me for years to stop smoking and I’d tried everything except Hypnosis and I was scared to try it.

"Rebecca made me feel better and I haven’t smoked for 4 months now.

"I’m happy and the hubby and kids are off my back."

- Gemma

"It’s now been 12 months since I saw Rebecca and to be honest, I didn’t think hypnosis would work but it did.

"I’ve taken my family to Bali twice since I gave up smoking and I feel so much better for it.
My health is better and my relationship with the wife and kids is better too. Give it a go."

- Jeff

"I’m now a non-smoker and I’m so glad because I’ve saved hundreds, nearly thousands of dollars already.

"I was so nervous before the appointment and I thought I would have no control or I’d cluck like a chicken like you see at the Pub.

"I didn’t and Rebecca was very good at explaining everything to me and I was so relaxed when I left.

"I haven’t smoked for 6 months now and I feel great.

"My kids are happier too – I don’t get the death stare from them anymore."

- Sandy

"About 6 months ago I came to see Rebecca as I was starting to have some food intolerances to coffee, dairy and wheat, which were making me feel nauseous all the time and low in energy.

"After a couple of NAET sessions, I felt so much better. I now can drink coffee and have dairy and wheat in my diet without any side effects.

"I recommend NAET to anyone suffering from allergies.

"Thanks Rebecca."

- Liz, Baldivis

"We started seeing Rebecca when my son developed multiple food allergies in 2007. He developed rashes and hives when he consumed common daily products like garlic, oranges, strawberries etc. I scoured the internet and found Rebecca. She was the only NAET practitioner in WA at that time. I was still a sceptic with NAET even though my other child had one treatment in my home country. I made an appointment for my son to see her. Rebecca had excellent patient care and was genuinely concerned about the well being of my son. She did the allergy elimination for him. His allergies thereafter seem very much reduced. We did not turn back since then. All thanks to Rebecca!"

- Audrey Wong

"I have been seeing Rebecca for the various therapies she specialises in starting in 2006 and felt the results and shifts in myself so profoundly, I became so excited that I got her to treat my 2 young boys as well. She has also helped many of my friends as well overcome challenges and blockages. When I find someone good I like to share them with others....

"I find Rebecca to be a very caring, compassionate, joyful therapist whose light presence changed the way I view my life and got me back on track. Her intuition is spot on and I feel so blessed to have her as a shinning light in my life.

"Thank you Rebecca for your Love and light."

- Dena Constantine

"A few years ago, allergies and sensitivities were causing consistent bloating, headaches and threatened my plans for travelling overseas. I went to see Rebecca for NAET treatment and after just a short session, my breathing became better and in just a couple of days I was sensitivity free! I am now able to enjoy nearly all foods, my breathing and yoga has improved and the bloating is gone. Recently I revisited Rebecca following a terrible infection. Once again, she was able to identify why the infection was not moving on and within a few days my health improved quite dramatically.

"I would highly recommend NAET with Rebecca if you are feeling under the weather or not able to enjoy your life because of allergies."

- Tanu Malaviya, Bowen Therapist and "Art of Living Course Facilitator

"I went to see Rebecca on several occasions for different reasons: sugar, wheat and alcohol intolerance were just a few of them. But when I got pregnant (at 41 years of age) and my blood test showed the very real possibility of Downs Syndrome, I was quite in shock. I went to see her and asked if something could be done, and she did! She worked with NAET on my hormones and just sent some healing energy as she was working along. I felt very safe and protected and was feeling the energy running through me. It was a long 3 weeks wait until I could get my next test results, but when finally the tests came back negative I knew Rebecca worked some magic. I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby. Thank you so much!"

- Myrian Frafar

"I attend Bec’s Foundation Crystal Healing Workshop which I loved. Bec taught us many things, including about the power of crystal ‘grids’. I wanted to sell my current home and buy another home and so I asked Bec to help me grid for both. She used her intuition to help me work out what I needed to put under my anchor crystal in the grid to sell my home. I did it and my home sold within 2 weeks of being on the market. I couldn’t believe it! So, I had to find a new home. Bec helped me grid for my new home; I found the perfect home within 2 weeks – and it even has a room for my Reiki. Thanks Bec, you’re so generous and so gifted."

- Kaye Sadecky

"My goal was to refine my internal world so that my outer world would reflect my inner desires, and to become who I really wanted to be. With each treatment my old habits, addictions, internal blocks and fears started to shift and my outer world changed! Thank you Rebecca for your compassion and your treatments that helped me through my transition, to where I am today."

- Tammy

"Rebecca was a great source of strength for me when I was having a difficult time with my newborn daughter. Through ITA energy treatments, Rebecca helped me to gain strength and clarity. Her genuine kindness, compassion, insight and gentle nature make Rebecca a wonderful practitioner."

- Emma

"I had suffered with fatigue for many years, getting so low Western Medicine Practitioners had diagnosed it as 'chronic fatigue'. I had been to many natural therapists, taking supplements for many months and to have little result.

"This is when ITA was recommended by a complete stranger and Rebecca entered my life. To sum up Rebecca, she is the 'complete package'. Having so many natural healing therapies she is able to perform, means she is able to be in tune with your body and know which will be beneficial at a particular time in your treatment as well as her compassion, kindness and gentle nature work well together.

"Rebecca used ITA and NAET with me and I definitely wouldn't feel as good as I do today without her. Rebecca helped me become so receptive to my body that I feel shifts happening and know when my body is in need of a 'tune-up'.

"Two of my sons had treatment for allergies with NAET and the result has been very successful. With one son picking up reasons his body was distressed because of her ability and wealth of many natural healing therapies, has resulted in him being less anxious and able to sleep soundly.

"Rebecca is one of a kind and my angel."

- Kylie D, Rossmoyne

"Three years ago, I had a few NAET sessions with Rebecca, mainly to check if there were any foods that I was eating that, unbeknown to me, were not good for me or that my body was not absorbing sufficiently. Rebecca found a few which she corrected, however, without any external signs of those allergies, it’s difficult for me to categorically state that I could feel the benefit - I trusted the process.

"I did have one glaring allergy which was to my son’s chocolate Burmese cat, Max. Without touching him, my eyes would start to itch like crazy, just by me being in the house. Max would come to me to be stroked and I wouldn’t touch him in fear of my eyes getting worse. I felt bad because I noticed his body language seemed to indicate that he felt rejected. The only relief I could get was by rinsing my eyes with cold water.

"Rebecca applied the NAET and I must admit that I left the session with lots of hope but with some doubt due to the painless process and without having to take some oral intervention. Within a week of the session, I was at my son’s house and to boldly test effect of the treatment, I tentatively stroked Max. Uh oh, there was a slight hint of an itch but, amazingly, it dissipated and to this day I have not had a problem with itchy eyes around Max. I have not applied any other methods (I won’t take anti-histamines) to avoid the itchy eyes and can attest that it was the NAET that fixed the problem. I must admit that I’m still amazed that such a totally painless process fixed the issue.

"Thanks to Rebecca and her expertise with NAET, my eyes are normal and Max no longer feels rejected."

- Roy A, South Perth

"I want to thank Rebecca Privilege at Natural Healing Therapies, Australia for her treatment of my allergies.

"For years I had been putting up with an allergic reaction to spider webs. Touching or brushing past a web would cause my eyes to go red, swell and become very itchy. As these symptoms subsided, the area around my eye would feel tender to touch as if bruised. These symptoms would usually last for a day or two before healing completely.

"Although the problem was annoying, especially as I love spending time outdoors, I never did anything to resolve it believing it was something I needed to learn to live with BUT no longer do I worry. After one treatment with Bec, I am symptom free. I have cleaned spider webs from my eaves and patio with no reactions at all. The biggest test was when I recently walked into a web which swept across my face and stuck in my eyelashes and hair. I immediately expected the usual reactions, swollen, red itchy eyes. As I waited for this reaction to begin, I found myself getting more and more excited as nothing happened. Not an itch, tingle or anything to resemble an allergic reaction. Thanks for changing my life Bec.

"I highly recommend a treatment with Rebecca for any allergy problems."

- Kathy Bolton

"Thank you for helping me get my life back. I am so happy to be me again! Having food intolerances I adapted to, but it could be difficult at times, especially when travelling or when invited to a friends for dinner. I am now able to make my husband sandwiches without breaking out in a rash from the wheat! I can now eat oats for breakfast and the occasional pastry from the bakery. My husband is stoked!

"From the very next day after my first visit with you, I felt great, and numerous people commented on how amazing I look. A part of my healing experience for me was to have faith and to give my self permission to allow a miracle to happen. Because the impossible is no longer impossible in my world. Thank you so much Rebecca Privilege!"

- Natalie Loucaides

"I had been suffering from colon inflammation and constant diarrhoea for 9 years. I have done medical check-ups for these symptoms and I have got medicines but they helped for a while then I got those symptoms back. I went to Rebecca for help and honestly I was sceptical about the effectiveness of this treatment but I gave it a go.

"The first thing I noticed about Rebecca is her comprehensive knowledge about her work. I asked her many questions about the NAET technique and other techniques, and she gave me deep answers. She did allergy testing for me and found that I was allergic to about 10 types of food and she helped me eliminate these allergies using the NAET technique. After 25 hours, I ate all the types of food that I used to be allergic to and I was surprised because I’m not allergic to those foods anymore and I have not had any colon inflammation or diarrhoea since I had the session with Rebecca. Thank you Rebecca so much, you are the best in WA “according to me."

- Fahad

"Since I saw you I've been feeling more balanced and this I feel has helped with my immune system - cleared my nose! Also from our session, I've felt quite a dramatic change regarding my attitude towards doing things I would normally put off (being scared of failing) all I can say is: love has won over fear!!! THANK YOU!"

- Kristina

"I started bringing my son (then 2 years old) to see Rebecca to help us with his sensitivities to some foods using NAET therapy. At the time he was not very communicative in any way other than acknowledging his name and was very sensory. We knew he had issues digesting dairy and some type of gluten product and he (and I) were on a restricted diet as a consequence of this. We also knew he was toxic in some heavy metals thanks to a hair test. Rebecca's use of her various gifts and training has helped us all out more than I can jot down in a testimony. The best analogy I can give is that my son was like a little onion with numerous layers of allergens that Bec cleared over the course of the following months. Some clearings had massive positive effects and others were more subtle.

"He can eat anything now, has fantastic eye contact and loves cuddles. He is also showing interest in talking and is slowly learning new words.

"I was also having problems with chronic anaemia and shortness of breath at night depending on what I ate during the day....symptoms that have cleared thankfully.

"Blessings to Bec for the time, caring and patience (with a now very active and loud toddler) she has extended to my family and the fantastic results that she has helped us achieve.

- Alison

"We came to Rebecca for food allergies and have walked away free of so much more. I could never have imagined the positive impact she has had to our lives. She has been the most important turning point in our journey to a healthy happy life. Our three children had multiple allergies and numerous intolerances. I used to say to people ‘egg, dairy, nuts’ but I knew that was just the tip of the iceberg. Only a month after seeing Rebecca and we celebrated the most amazing Christmas we’ve ever had. We had a large family feast and were free to enjoy a much greater range of food that we could never have imagined before. It was the best Christmas present. We are still discovering intolerances but at least we can notice the odd one now as so many of them have dropped away.

"Our oldest blossomed almost immediately and instead of not wanting to go to school she would plead to wear her uniform to bed so she’d be ready in the morning first thing. Her angry and frustrated side left for the first time. We were able to see their real personalities we knew were always there. I found myself saying “it’s like a black veil has lifted”.

"Rebecca has been able reach our children emotionally and physically like no other. There are also major hurdles in health that have been made that I don’t remember asking for. I’ve had asthma all my life and I haven’t touched my Ventolin for 8 months now. I still find that too good to be true and it is true! The kids also have no more croup which I thought was never going to go. Arthritis is also a thing of the past.

"We are truly so grateful for all of Rebecca’s advice, teaching, insights, and healing. I can’t, and don’t want to, imagine where we’d be without her."

- Anthea, Harvey

"My doctor told me I had IBS and that I had to just live with it and get on with it. My friend told me to go and see Rebecca. I didn't believe anything could be done but I thought, hey, why not?! I'm SO glad I went and saw her. I don't have any signs or symptoms of IBS now and her treatment didn't hurt or take years! Thank you Rebecca for giving me my life back."

- Vince, Perth

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