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No, there are no refunds.

I see clients for a variety of issues, however I do specialise in anxiety, depression, chronic pain, anger, emotional blockages, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), allergy elimination and I am a Family Freedom Coach.

Hypnosis can be used with anyone from 5 years old upwards.  Hypnosis taps into the awesome power of the human mind and can be used for just about anything you can think of but common issues include… anxiety & stress, depression and grief, fears and phobias, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), increasing confidence & overcoming limiting beliefs, improving sports or work performance, weight management, motivation, stop smoking, pain management, nail biting and many others.

No, when you come to see me it is to work together to make positive changes in your life, not for entertainment purposes. Whilst in the trance state, you cannot be made to do anything that conflicts with your moral code or belief system and as a professional it is against my ethics to do so.

No. It depends on the client and what they’ve coming to see me for but I usually combine hypnosis with other strategies and coaching to ensure the best outcome for the client. We will discuss this in our first session. I undertake ongoing professional development to add to the tools and strategies I have available to use and I may also teach you strategies during our sessions to take home that you might find helpful.

Hypnosis is a very effective technique at gaining access to your subconscious mind and changing your thinking and behaviour. Often significant changes can be made in just one hypnosis session however depending on the issue, may not be maintained without further sessions. You may also be asked to complete tasks between sessions to enhance the success of your hypnosis. Hypnosis is also not a proven cure for diseases such as cancer but is very effective at reducing pain and other associated issues so that the person has a better quality of life. I give no guarantees due to the various factors involved in your success.

No, Hypnotherapy is not covered by Medicare and we do not bulk bill

Provided you, as a client, are committed, then it is unusual for you to not be hypnotisable. The depth to which you experience hypnosis can vary each time and from one person to the next, but depth is not necessary for the therapy to work. As mentioned, it is another form of relaxation which is something that we all have the capacity to do. Most people can be hypnotised but different people go into hypnosis in different ways and experience different levels of the hypnotic state from session to session. The prerequisite to someone being able to be hypnotised is their willingness to allow hypnosis to happen. Those who are unsure of the process, or the hypnotherapist, may take more time to go into a hypnotic state and may not enjoy as many benefits. I therefore recommend 3-12 sessions (depending on your issues) to give you the optimum outcome. If you wonder whether you will go into hypnosis, have you ever driven your car and arrived at your destination without remembering the journey, or got lost in a movie or book where more time has passed than you realise? If you have then you have experienced a form of hypnosis.

The experience of being hypnotised is different for each client, but it has been likened to a deep state of relaxation, similar to when we are about to drift off to sleep. Some people are more imaginative or creative which is due to the subconscious mind being more active in hypnosis. For the same reason, the client can benefit from insights being created that they would not be aware of outside of hypnosis.

I work with Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Chronic Pain, Emotional Blockages and challenges with partner and families, as a Family Freedom Coach.

Other than the areas previously mentioned, hypnotherapy can be used for sports performance enhancement, treating depression, self-esteem or confidence improvement, pain management, trauma, hypno-birthing, procrastination, sexual concerns, insomnia, relationship issues, skin irritations and many more. Please ask us if you are unsure and we can advise the best steps forward.

Hypnotherapy is the combination of techniques (including hypnosis), coaching and my skills and experience as a professional to facilitate the desired change within you. Hypnosis can be used for various purposes including entertainment but in the case of hypnotherapy, is used to address challenges or issues a person might have, or help them to improve their performance, in one or more areas of their life.

There are a number of different definitions for hypnosis but it can be best described as a focused internal absorption similar to meditation or daydreaming. Hypnosis is used to bypass the barriers of the analytical conscious mind to assist the client’s subconscious mind in finding their own resources to resolve an issue.

Being out of control is one of the most common misconceptions about hypnosis. Most likely derived from seeing hypnosis performed on stage, people can think that they will be forced to do things against their will when being hypnotized. We can honestly say that this is absolutely not true! The client remains completely in control and fully aware. If something does not fit with a client’s core beliefs or values whilst out of hypnosis then it will also not be accepted by the client when in hypnosis.

Stage hypnotists prime their participants in a certain way such that they only pick those who will be easily hypnotized and follow orders, as well as the rest of the group, without question. In the clinical sense, it is undoubtedly a partnership between the client and therapist, both equally working together to serve the purpose of helping the client.

Traditional hypnosis, still practiced by the majority of hypnotherapists, involves the use of scripts with direct suggestions. This scripted approach is inflexible and so does not allow for the different scenarios or personalities presented by each client. The significantly more advanced modern hypnosis, developed by Milton H Erickson in the 1950s, uses a permissive conversational approach involving complex language patterns so that each client’s respective needs are handled individually.

RPIV uses clinical hypnotherapy combined with strategic coaching to provide a tailored approach to specifically cover the individual clients’ needs. This is a brief solution-oriented therapy using modern hypnosis that quickly focuses the client on finding solutions rather than spending time identifying causes for problems.

Clinical hypnotherapy is the use of advanced methods of hypnosis to heal a variety of medical and psychological issues. This is not to be confused with stage hypnosis which is performed in front of an audience for the purposes of entertainment only. Strategic coaching uses a learning about your condition, moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviours to teach you skills for improved functioning and personality growth.

Every client has unique requirements. For example, to work with someone to get rid of a lifelong smoking habit can cost as little as 20 packets of cigarettes. To rid you of a crippling phobia may only take 1 hour. To Learn Reiki is no more than 16 hours.  To be rid of allergies and allergy related conditions may take longer. Please phone to discuss your individual needs. Individually tailored sessions can be packaged to address a number of issues and offer attractive discounts.

I offer a FREE discovery session where we can find out what each other wants and needs and whether we want to work with each other or not, so please contact me on 0411 176 055 or email to arrange your free discovery session.

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