About: Emotional Blockages

How do Emotional Blockages affect our lives?

Emotional blockages are things we bring along in our life from when we were very young to now.  They stop us from doing what we want to be, from having a voice, from following the career they really want to follow, from being the parent they really want to be.

Emotional blockages pave the way for Anger (excessive), Anxiety, Depression, Limiting Beliefs, Fear, Shame, Guilt and more.  So it stops the client from having the life they want for themselves.  They are on a roller coaster of emotions and don’t understand why.  As adults we have justified so much … “I’ve worked on myself and I don’t get angry anymore”, or “I had a great childhood” or “I can’t stop crying and I don’t know why.  My husband is getting very impatient with me” or “I just want to drive my kids to and from school but my anxiety is too much and I can’t get into my car”.  What’s happening?  Repressed emotions have not been dealt with so are coming up, just like a volcano, and they will and do, explode.

The profound effect of removing Emotional Blockages

By doing the work, they get to live the life they want for themselves, not what anyone else wants for them, including changing career if that is what they want to do.  It creates harmony, joy and peace in their lives.  Clients get tools for their toolbox of life to keep them in a great state for the rest of their lives.

Case Study

Sam came to me in crisis. He had tried everything … doctors, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, all to no avail. He felt his anger was out of control and affecting not just him, but his family as well.  He was right.  He was scared of the very real possibility of losing his family – his wife and children.  He was at “the tipping point” as he described it and knew that unless he did something about this, he would lose his family.  His wife also came and had a chat with me and confirmed that she and the kids could no longer put up with his extreme anger. It was frightening her and their 3 children.  So, the whole family realised they all had anger issues and all 5 of them went through the program and have gone from seriously considering divorce to now being a connected unit and with joy and happiness back into their family.  They are a family again and Sam and his wife have reconnected.

The effective treatment for Emotional Blockages

Clinical Hypnotherapy, light trance, coaching.  We are always speaking with the subconscious as it is the boss.

What to expect…

Light trance, deleting limiting beliefs, discovering the positive learnings from an emotional event and tools for your toolbox of life.

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"I attend Bec’s Foundation Crystal Healing Workshop which I loved. Bec taught us many things, including about the power of crystal ‘grids’. I wanted to sell my current home and buy another home and so I asked Bec to help me grid for both. She used her intuition to help me work out what I needed to put under my anchor crystal in the grid to sell my home. I did it and my home sold within 2 weeks of being on the market. I couldn’t believe it! So, I had to find a new home. Bec helped me grid for my new home; I found the perfect home within 2 weeks – and it even has a room for my Reiki. Thanks Bec, you’re so generous and so gifted."

- Kaye Sadecky

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