About: Chronic Pain

When does Pain become Chronic Pain?

This is pain that has taken longer than is deemed ‘normal’ to get under control.  Most chronic pain sufferers are on strong medication with little relief.  It is pain where the doctors and specialists can’t help them any longer.

Functioning on a daily basis as well as the side effects of the strong drugs they are on are one of the many challenges facing Chronic Pain sufferers.  Often, they can’t work, or if they can, a lot of lost time is recorded.

Eliminating Chronic Pain

The chronic pain can be completely eliminated if that is what the client wants.  If the clients is happy to have their pain down to a very manageable state, that can also be achieved.

Case Study

Katrina had fibromyalgia and CRPS (Complex regional pain syndrome) and had had these conditions following an accident 5 years ago.  Her conditions made it impossible to work, so she was also experiencing some depression.  Before we started the protocol, her pain was an 8 out of 10. We ran through the pain elimination protocols and after, her pain was a 0 out of 10.  She has stayed pain free for the last 3 months.  Katrina was also given some tools to use if she decided to pick up her pain again.

The effective treatment of Chronic Pain

Clinical Hypnotherapy and light trance.  Again, we’re speaking with and working with the sub-conscious mind.

What to expect…

A sense of emotion and pain leaving their body in a gentle way, with ease.

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"It’s now been 12 months since I saw Rebecca and to be honest, I didn’t think hypnosis would work but it did.

"I’ve taken my family to Bali twice since I gave up smoking and I feel so much better for it.
My health is better and my relationship with the wife and kids is better too. Give it a go."

- Jeff

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