Laughter Yoga, the Best Natural Medicine

Everyone is highly familiar with yoga. This form of exercise which entails patterns of breathing and body flexing has become one of the most popular techniques to achieve a healthy mind, body and soul. From famous celebrities to your aunt, to your neighbour down the street, yoga is practiced, or has been practiced by almost everyone. But have you ever heard of its sister, Laughter Yoga?

Following its namesake, Laughter Yoga is a form of aerobic exercise that can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime and results in health and wellbeing. Laughter Yoga is said to be akin to “internal jogging” by using laughter as its main activity (www.laughteronlineuniversity.com). Believing that laughter is the best medicine, this exercise was founded in India by a medical doctor, Dr Madan Kataria and his wife, a Yoga Instructor, and is known to be an effective tool to strengthen the mind and the body by encouraging the self to freely indulge in laughter, using the body-to-mind approach. This means that participants need not have a sense of humour, know jokes or even be happy!

Since laughter is known to be effective, the technique encourages you to continue laughing until the feeling becomes real, bringing more oxygen to the brain, stimulating feelings of happiness and positivity, and implementing camaraderie with your fellow participants or workers. The benefits of Laughter Yoga include increased level of endorphins, oxytocin and reduced cortisol (stress) hormone levels. It has also be known to reduce pain levels, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Participants have been measured to show these results last for up to 3 hours after a Laughter Yoga session.

Rebecca loves running Laughter Yoga sessions for individuals, group and Corporates.

Rebecca Privilege is one of the most reliable Practitioners and Teachers of Laughter Yoga. With more than 26 years of experience in all natural healing techniques, she has mastered many different methods of healing bodies using approaches that bring life and vitality to every one of her clients. With the range of skills that she has acquired over the years, you will surely find one that is best fits you and your body’s healing preferences.

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Rebecca Privilege

I help to restore your divine birthright so you can be healthy happy and whole. I do this using my intuitive healing gifts combined with hypnotherapy, counselling and family freedom coaching.

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