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Easy Ways to Achieve a Healthier You

Today’s world is changing, becoming more advanced and modernized. Along these changes come a very fast paced way of life, and to be able to keep up, we need to hasten our pace too. Who would want to be left behind? Unfortunately for us, keeping up with the times come...

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Laughter Yoga, the Best Natural Medicine

Everyone is highly familiar with yoga. This form of exercise which entails patterns of breathing and body flexing has become one of the most popular techniques to achieving a healthy mind, body and soul. From famous celebrities to your aunt, to your neighbor down the...

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Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Are you struggling to break away from your smoking habit? Or do you know a friend or a loved one who is going through the tussle of quitting smoking, but have failed over and over despite many different attempts? Trust me, I know how it feels. I’ve seen too many...

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Managing Stress and Cortisol

Cortisol. It’s not so bad. You see, cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate blood pressure and immune system during a crisis, whether it is physical or emotional. Cortisol is essential to help our body increase its ability to fight infection, as it turns on our...

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Gut Health

A person’s overall health depends on how well everything in their system is working. It is now readily accepted that every part of the body is connected to each other, mimicking an orchestra that produces wonderful, magical music, given that each instrument...

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