About: Anger Issues

What is the difference between “Anger Issues” and just being angry?

When someone gets angry and can go close to being out of control and also says “I think I over reacted.” They did, because they got angry at that issue in front of them along with x number of years of anger they’ve been carrying around with them.  The result is the anger is not “clean” anger.

Those who suffer from Anger Issues often have a feeling of being out of control and beating themselves up that they got angry and “too angry” again.  Often, they have employment performance issues and can lose their jobs.

Getting rid of the years of anger

I get rid of the x number of years of anger the client has been carrying around with them.  That’s not to say they’ll never get angry, what happens is that they get angry about ‘that thing/situation’ rather than that and x number of years of stuff they’ve been carrying around with them.  Clients describe it as a clean anger.  They get anger (not as much as they were) and then they let it go very quickly so that they’re not stewing on it.

Case Study

Sam came to me in crisis. He had tried everything … doctors, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists, all to no avail. He felt his anger was out of control and affecting not just him, but his family as well.  He was right.  He was scared of the very real possibility of losing his family – his wife and children.  He was at “the tipping point” as he described it and knew that unless he did something about this, he would lose his family.  His wife also came and had a chat with me and confirmed that she and the kids could no longer put up with his extreme anger. It was frightening her and their 3 children.  So, the whole family realised they all had anger issues and all 5 of them went through the program and have gone from seriously considering divorce to now being a connected unit and with joy and happiness back into their family.  They are a family again and Sam and his wife have reconnected.

The effective treatment of Anger Issues

Clinical Hypnotherapy with plenty of tools for their toolbox of life, is effective in treating Anger Issues.  Coaching and modified time line therapy is also used.

What to expect…

Relaxation in light trance and at the end of the program deep hypnosis.  There are weekly tasks to help rewire the brain – we’re working with neuroplasticity.  We are always speaking with the boss, the subconscious mind.

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"Rebecca was a great source of strength for me when I was having a difficult time with my newborn daughter. Through ITA energy treatments, Rebecca helped me to gain strength and clarity. Her genuine kindness, compassion, insight and gentle nature make Rebecca a wonderful practitioner."

- Emma

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