About: Allergies & Allergic Reactions

Allergies and Allergic Reactions

An allergic reaction occurs in the body when something is inhaled, ingested, comes in contact with the skin or is an environmental experience.  This puts the body into Inflamation and the body sees the substance as harmful, so it has a reaction, from mild to severe, including life threatening anaphylaxis.

The biggest challenge is often not knowing exactly what triggers the allergic reaction and as a result, popping pills, such as antihistamines to reduce the symptoms.  In extreme cases, an epi pen needs to be carried around and the person is on high alert reading every label and checking every ingredient.  When it comes to teenagers, parents are so often petrified of what will happen outside their own 4 walls – they can control what happens inside, however, once their teenager leaves their protective 4 walls, the parents have no control over teenage ’dares’ and the like.  So all parties are living in fear and anxiety which is not helping their body.

Living Allergy free!

The biggest difference I can make to the life of an allergy sufferer is to have them living allergy free – their body is no longer inflamed so is much happier and healthier.

Case Study

Karen, a Uni student, came to me for help.  She was studying Nutrition and had previously enjoyed many foods, supplements and great health.  Now she could only eat a very limited number of foods and couldn’t take any or her great supplements.  As someone studying Nutrition, she felt like a failure and a fraud.  During the first session, we identified the ‘trauma’ which was the trigger – a relationship breakup.  Karen hadn’t put the pieces together before.  So Karen went through the program and after the 4th session her body allowed us to start clearing some of the foods that had become allergens for her, then at the 6th session, her body allowed us to clear more and she completed the program and the allergy elimination.  She can now eat all the wonderful and nutritious foods and have the supplements without any issue.

The effective treatment of Allergies

With allergies, I use Clinical Hypnotherapy as well as the NAET protocol (Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Protocol).  We get rid of the emotions the caused the body to decide it would become allergic, sensitive or intolerance.  Foods and supplements are reintroduced after 25 hours.

I can also just use the NAET protocol in isolation, however, that depends on the extent of the allergies and allergy related conditions.

What to expect…

Light Trance in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NAET, and tools to pop into their toolbox of life.  We are always speaking with the boss, the subconscious mind.

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"It’s now been 12 months since I saw Rebecca and to be honest, I didn’t think hypnosis would work but it did.

"I’ve taken my family to Bali twice since I gave up smoking and I feel so much better for it.
My health is better and my relationship with the wife and kids is better too. Give it a go."

- Jeff

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