Rebecca Privilege, Clinical Hypnotherapist

My Story

I help to restore your divine birthright so you can be healthy happy and whole. I do this using my intuitive healing gifts combined with hypnotherapy, counselling and family freedom coaching.

What may surprise you, is that it took my own near death experience to give me the courage to step into my true calling.

You see I’d been an allergy elimination practitioner (NAET) working in a Wellness centre in Perth happily treating clients and getting amazing results. But little did I know that events would unfold that would shake my world.

My Wake Up Call

Like many healers, I was so busy treating others that I’d stopped listening to my own body and didn’t take action on the sudden decline in my energy levels. The truth was, I was ignoring the signals because it was easier to keep going than address the deeper issues I knew were brewing.

But ignoring continual nudges from the universe meant there was only one way to get my attention…a catastrophic physical, emotional and mental medical event; sudden onset Acute Microcytic Anaemia.

This debilitating condition left me facing weeks of investigations and when I finally thought I was  getting somewhere I had a sudden collapse. Found unresponsive by nursing staff, the resus team were called and I was rushed to ICU where they discovered I had a life threatening Pulmonary Embolism.

After 6 days in ICU I was greeted by the friendly face of a dear friend, but I wasn’t expecting the truth bomb she dropped!

“Want to check out, do you?”

Setting a New Intention

It was a lightbulb moment! I realised I was at a crossroads – fight or give up and die. It was at that moment I knew in my heart of hearts I had been sent back for a reason: live life on purpose, in healing and in service

Today I am following that path in with my own practice Rebecca Privilege Integrative Wellness. It’s here that I eliminate pain, build self-belief and reconnect families in harmony and health.

What do I believe, now and always?

Where intention goes energy flows, which means we are the creators of our own reality. Dis-ease  begins and ends with our emotions, which empowers all of us to take ownership and reverse this imbalance. All healing starts with you first and no-one is ever too young or too old to begin.

Bestselling Author

Rebecca has been featured in the bestselling book:

“Activate Your Life: 50 Transformational exercises from Coaches around the world”

Rebecca’s Qualifications

I believe in lifelong learning and am continually updating my qualifications.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist (Certificate and Diploma)
  • Family Freedom Coach
  • NAET – Advanced Practitioner
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner & Teacher (Certified by Rachelle Charman)
  • Energy Medicine Practitioner
  • DNA / Organ Regeneration Practitioner & Teacher
  • Reiki – Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Coach and Mentor
  • Counsellor
  • Expert Therapist System – Removing Emotional Blocks with Precision
  • IHA & Speciality Hypnosis Training – IBS Hypnosis Protocol
  • OldPain2Go – Chronic Pain Elimination
  • Drain That Pain – Chronic Pain Elimination
  • Bob Burns’ “The Swan” Certification
  • Member of TAHA (The Australian Hypnosis Alliance)
  • IICT – (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) – Full Member


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